Thursday, December 22, 2011

First Blog Post

It took me a little while to figure this out, but I'm finally back to the place where I can post on my blog....I was stuck on my google account profile and couldn't figure out how to get back to here.

Anyways...I have a rant to start things out....that's one reason I created this blog so I could rant but it not show up on my FB page (personal or fan)....and if I ever get enough fans, that I can do cool giveaways and such....if I can ever figure out all those details....I have seen an awful lot of NEAT giveaways on here....time will tell if I can figure it out. I am reasonably tech savvy....but don't always do so hot in teaching myself some of these things as I really don't know that much....so bare with me!!

So here's the rant....I currently work as seasonal help for what one might consider a competitor....JC Penney Portraits....though I do NOT photograph there. I sell the photos others take.  I guess I just want to take a few minutes to explain to those out there that are not in the know regarding what the JCP experience is supposed to entail as when I was leaving on Wednesday night I read several comments from guests and it rather pissed me off as their complaints really aren't valid when choosing JCP.  So....when you make an appointment with JCP you are supposed to have a 40-minute experience.  You are supposed to have ALL of your pictures taken in the camera room within 10 minutes.....not hours, etc.....10 minutes people!!!  There were a lot of complaints that the photographers are RUSHED....if you want more than 10 minutes of picture taking....DO NOT go to JCP!!!! DUH!  And another complaint is that not enough pictures are taken....the system is designed to hold ONLY 35....and the photographers are actually only supposed to take maybe 15-20 total....if you want lots more to choose from, DO NOT go to JCP! After the pictures are taken, you get to work with someone like me....I show you your pictures, crop them, center them, etc....Then I AM REQUIRED to create 7 different 'enhancements.'  The one complaint that was specific to my session with someone said 'no need to create enhancements when we already know we don't want them.'  Umm......It's NOT a choice people....we HAVE to make those for you....the computer system is set to FORCE us to make them NO MATTER WHAT....it literally will NOT let me move to the order screen until I create the REQUIRED collages and enhancements.....so very sorry to WASTE your time.....but it's not my fault or choice....plus that's the time I get to be creative. And whatever I create is viewable online by anyone that you allow to access your photo album from your session with JCP....I generally want to create NICE looking stuff so it doesn't look like I'm an idiot or don't know what I'm doing.  And maybe your family members will want MY creations even if YOU don't....so let me do my DAMN job......The creation/enhancement portion is to take no more than 30 minutes....hahahahahaha!  I've spent HOURS with guests......Let's see....you ALWAYS have to pay the day you get your pictures taken.....there's ALWAYS sitting fees (though through the membership and/or coupons that can be reduced or completely waived....so don't complain about it....seriously how do we make money just in the off chance that you don't buy any pictures????)...And any studio like JCP is NEVER going to have Photoshop options....we can not take away baby redness, acne, flaky skin...we can't hide scars, we can't get rid of wrinkles, we can't make you look skinny, etc.  If you want those options, do NOT go to JCP.....hire ME instead!!! I use Photoshop to 'enhance' my own pictures as well as 'correct' them....even though it can be the largest pain in my butt to get rid of acne, little scratches, etc....I do it for my customers because that's what they want and it makes the pictures look a lot better.  Some guests of JCP complain that 149.99 is TOO MUCH for a CD....uh....no...most private photographers give you MORE pictures and charge more toward 300.00 because we give you the rights to the photos....we have to charge for the fact that you aren't getting those pictures from us (whether it be JCP or me personally)....you NEVER ever have to come back to us to get those pictures if you don't want to....thus we may NEVER have your business again....that's a potentially HUGE loss of income for us....so it makes PERFECT sense for the CDs to be a LOT....you get the pictures with a copyright release......come on now....One other thing....if you are not happy with your experience at JCP, I believe it's be you probably expected too much.  I do actually LOVE working there, love my co-workers, and generally enjoy working with the guests. There are often AMAZING pictures taken there...you just have to remember there's TONS of limitations.  If you hire an independent photographer like me....no limits really....you can change your outfits as many times as you want, I have several unique OOAK (one of a kind) props for use in your pictures....I will come to you...actually to your house where you and your children will more likely be comfortable. And I will develop that relationship with you and your family....JCP doesn't have that as their ultimate goal nor have the time to get to know you well at all....

What you get overall if you choose JCP: consistent location, quick pictures (usually), many discounts offered, same templates used over and over again, same backgrounds offered, few poses, few pictures, potential for having a different photographer every time, ability to see your pictures instantly (that's the biggest factor I think that attracts everyone), odd photo sizes in which you can't find frames other than at JCP forcing you to spend more money with them, no personal relationship with anyone, limited time in camera room and in studio, being forced to choose your photos and enhancements to the best of your ability that day, two background choices per session, one outfit change per session, not all photographers do well with all types of guests....(there've been some complaints about some photographers not seeming to have much experience with children)

What you get if you choose ME: personal connection, convenience of your home as the location or your favorite location...I come to you, unique props, variety of pictures and poses, ability to completely personalize your experience such that your photos will not look like anyone else's, I incorporate all of your ideas and suggestions, we have an 'endless' amount of time to take the pictures, I will guarantee to capture at least one perfect image of exactly what you are wanting.....I will take as many pictures as it takes to get it to how you want it, I will show you some of your pics directly on my camera at times, endless amounts of oufits and props, huge variety of photo-editing techniques, huge variety of photo products, easy purchasing via website, pictures can be delivered directly to you....fast in lab times....once an order is placed....it takes about 2-3 business days to get in your hands, while my sitting fee is $50 per session I never charge per individual....so even if you have 20 people in the picture...it's still only $50.....you can get just one picture instead of a sheet if you don't want that many pictures of the same pose, my individual picture prices start at $1.25.....my photo prices are better everyday compared to JCP's with coupons.....and I can offer just about any size you can think of....4x6 that JCP does NOT offer, all the other normal sizes, and any weird sizes.....I can print your pictures on different types of papers, consistent/same photographer EVERY time ensuring consistency in photographic images and style, I do my best to work around your schedule instead of you finding a time slot that is available that may or may not work for you....I AM GREAT with children!!!!!!  I have 10+ years experience with children in a variety of ages and in a variety of settings...

What are you waiting for?!?!?!?  Book a photo session with me TODAY!!!

Thank you so much for listening....sorry if I ranted too much.....and I don't begrudge JCP anything...as an employee we got a few nice Christmas perks and I've had my own experience....I do understand why people choose to come there.....My pictures were great...I was very pleased....would I have gone there had I not been an employee, probably not.....I work there at least for the holiday season right now because it's the only steady income I could find.....I've had a rough year in 2011 with finding jobs at all and then ones that pay anything decent.  So while JCP is a competitor in many rights and while I still believe you should choose me or someone like me instead....it's the only 'full-time' job I have right now 'cause it's the only place that would hire me...so....can't be all bad.....

I'll end with....PICK ME!    PICK ME!!!    PICK ME!!!!!!!    And please, REFER ME!!!!!

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